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LibCheck: List breaking changes between assembly versions

Another cool tool I'll need to check out from the BCL team: LibCheck

"Basically, LibCheck analyzes a version of a library, and compares it to another version of the same library. It then reports the differences ... in a list, available as HTML or xml. ...the list is presented as a set of removed, and added methods. When we can detect that change in question is a breaking change (and generally, removals are likely candidates!), we color the change red.

Now if you're used to the change report we put out periodically with a release, you now have the tool that generates that list! "

(via BCL Blog)



Not to scare anyone , but this guy has had a very bad experience while running the LibCheck build file- His windows XP installation got corrupted.. I'm not saying (neither is he) that the build caused this somehow, but just to be on the safe side - don't run this anywhere important unless you're sure it's ok and stable..

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