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Agile Israel May meeting summary

We had a fun time at the last Agile Israel meeting. (FYI - slides are already online for download, audio coming soon).
Two things bothered me a bit:
  • We had the stroke of luck to be side by side with conference about "delivering the message" : for people in the room next to you this means "loud and vocal presentation near by, making the current presentation stop every once in a while when the people on the other side applaud the presenter". It wasn't that bad, but we did have to stop a couple of times.
  • The turnout wasn't as great as I expected. about 15-20 people. I guess that's OK for a user group's 3rd meeting ever, but since we've already had meetings with 40 and 50 people I was starting to wonder what's up? Perhaps it was the topics. Why you tell me why you didn't show up :)
Overall the sessions went pretty well. My session was about testing legacy code and the various problems this presents. I presented the case for legacy code testing and some legacy refactoring patterns from the most excellent book "Working effectively with legacy code".
Gadi's session was about MSF Agile and was very very interesting. Gadi is a great presenter with a lot of knowledge.
Both sessions were recorded and will be hosted on the site when the audio work is done as mp3.

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