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Geeky Podcasts list

Looks like the "Podcasting" craze is upon us. Slowly but surely, small independent audio talk shows are starting to show up on the blogsphere. I'll try to list the ones I know about here, and I welcome your input in the comments if I've missed some.
Note: I'll only be listing shows that have something to do with software development/technology, hopefully in, but not limited to, English .
  • Polymorphic Podcast
    • Various mp3 interviews about software development. Latest includes Paul Wilson in a 40 minute interview about O/R mappers. Sounds interesting! (cast feed)
  • .NET Rocks
    • Really should be no need to introduce these guys. Probably the first, most likely the best known in the MS world. (mp3 cast, more feed types on site)
  • IT Conversations
    • One of the oldest, contains audio interviews of many many kinds. (Podcast/RSS)
  • Interviews at Team Agile
    • My own place where I interview the people I'd like most to hear from about geeky stuff. Also contains various recorded lectures, most in English. Currently no Podcast-able feed. Working on it.
More Resources:
As you can see, the list is pretty slim. I'm sure I'm missing some good ones.  C'mon people - what do you recommend I listen to on my way to work?

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