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.Net Rocks closure, suggestion, and discovering Salamander. Oh my!

Carl Franklin stopped by for another comment on my pseudo-flaming post about Scoble. What he wrote made me very happy. I'll cite this here because I think those guys deserve a big round of respect from the community for donating their time and efforts into something that is pretty cool. I'm not going to say they do it for free, because the publicity they get from this show is, I bet, very good for their business. However, I find it totally legitimate. I mean, I'm also benefiting a lot from this blog. Heh, it actually got me my last job, and at least one possible contract job. But I digress. Here's what Carl wrote:

Tomorrow, we're going to air an interview with Scott Guthrie. After that we're doing an Interview with Don Box at the PDC, where he will invariably talk about the next SOAP, longhorn, and other things they are going to launch there. Unlike the PDC, our show is free :-)
We're going to ask Chris Chris Sells to come back after the PDC as well (Chris, you listening?? heh) and Keith Pleas on architecture and design. 

We've got Huihong Luo, the genius behind the Salamander coming up, and some other surprises as well.
That said, we're also going to have a 100% fun and funny episode live onstage from the PDC, and we'll probably do some other less technical stuff. That's what we do. We mix it up. Everyone's happy.

BTW: Thanks for giving us a little controversy!! It all helps our ratings! :-)

I took a look at what Salamander really is, and it looks very very cool! I'll have to try it out. Basically it lets you deploy .Net applications on machines with no .Net installed, without requiring a full framework installation (it does this by linking the referenced assemblies together into one big assembly, it seems). Definitely worth a look.

Other than that, based on Carl's comment, sounds like a guest killer line up for me! Does it sound like I'm kissing up? I'm not. I still stand behind every word I've written(until proven wrong), but I can write when someone does a fantastic job. Hey Carl, here's another suggestion - put me up on one of your shows. I might have a thing or two to contribute, or is it all about celebs? I'm thinking not, because you *did* have a couple of episodes with “regular“ devs from around the world, am I right? In fact, maybe you should do a show of several .Net bloggers together, that could be fun..

The controversy wasn't pre-planned, it just happened I guess. But , I bet it helped the ratings, and I have no problem with that. Overall, I totally like the show's principal, and although some of them were not something to write home about, its all good. Some of it is even wonderful. Keep up the great work

(Note: it's funny. every time I write one of these posts that's not on the “shy” side, I get really nervous before hitting “post”. I guess I'm still pretty afraid of the comments I'm going to get. Don't let that bother you , though.. I'll just be here in the corner, cringing...)

(Another note: I think my writing style has changed, a lot thanks to Scoble. If you'll notice, it contains, occasionally, a question followed by an answer to that question. Didn't notice it yet? Take a look at Scoble's writing and see that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... :)

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