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.Net Rocks live - review

The first live .Net Rocks show was aired last week. And it was a hit.
This is by far one of the most interesting and lively shows that have come out of the DNR hall of fame.
Rory's debut
Rory is an intelligent, funny guy. He adds to the show a lot of humor and has some very good questions. Since this was hist first show it's understandable that he was pretty quiet for the first hour or so, but it would only do good if he were to be more part of the goings ons in the show.
Interactive commercial
This was a brilliant move on Carl's side. Bringing on a guy from DataDymamics to actually talk and interact with the panel made all the difference in the world. It turned out to be a very informative and interesting discussion, and ultimately a much better commercial than a prerecorded one. good work.
There was also a good back and forth with the discussion on reporting services for SQL server which brought up lots of very important points. Things which would probably never have come up had it not been for the DD guy on air with the panel.
Dan Appelman rocks
The discussion with Dan was lively, funny and interesting. May there be more like these.
If there were more shows like this I'd buy a car and get a job far far away just so I could listen to them while driving.
(what, you thought I could only write bad stuff? geez)

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