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FeedDemon Likes And Dislikes

I have to admit it. FeedDemon totally rocked my RSS reading world. I like it even better than NewsGator. The interface(I'm  a GUI guy) is very very slick and intuitive, and I really like the browser oane being positioned to the right(like outlook 2003).

I think this is the one reader I would consider actually paying for. It’s almost mature enough as a product for me to consider it as good payable.


Things I really like:

·         It’s separate from Outlook, which is a plus. The task of  reading RSS should be, to me, separate from using my email at work. It allows me to set it aside and leave it alone while I go about doing my business.

·         Its fast and, compared to the others, consumes very little resources

·         It does not make me feel stupid sometimes when I do something wrong or don’t know how to operate something. Its interface is much more self-describing than the others, allowing me to quickly figure out what I’m doing. All this is on top of the fact that in actuality, it is a much more diverse and complex product than the other aggregators out there. It just feels simple. That’s what its all about.


Now for the things I like a little less, and stuff I’d like to see added:

·         I’d like to know when new posts arrive even when its minimized to tray(NewzCrawler does this nicely with a popup balloon, much like ZoneAlarm does to alert you of important stuff). This ability should be allowed to be turned off, for less interference with the “flow” when needed.

·         This ability should be allowed to be enabled only for select channels(I only want to know when Scoble posts something, for example)

·         I’d like to be able to hide the channel selector to the left just like I make the message selector disappear when I full-size the browser window. Sometimes it just takes up too much space. Hey , not all of us use twin 19” dual monitors you know?

·         An ability, like NewsGator, to right click an RSS link in IE and register it as a feed in FeedDemon

·         Plug-in support and SDK – so we can integrate all kinds of cool stuff in there

·         Help

·         Searching and indexing abilities

·         Add a hierarchical view of the Channel listings, allowing drag& Drop between channels and categories

·         Customizable shortcuts for everything

·         Ability to set special icons for individual feeds(+ Forecolor,font…)

·         Add “author” column in the messages listing


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