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Why I like SharpReader better

if there are only two things that are missing from SharpReader , they would be:

  • an “author“ column
  • a “Flag for later“ column

That's it. Really. Today, SharpReader is , to me, much more useful that, say, NewsGator or FeedDemon. Why?

  • It's a power tool. Everything works fast, and you get almost instant feedback for all your actions
    • With outlook based browsing, you're dependant on outlook to “show you the money“, and sometimes that may take a while to load a post into the outlook window.
  • Outlook doesn't show you the amount of unread posts in folders down the hierarchy.With SharpReader, I can have all the “important“ folders closed up and still know that I have some new stuff in my “important news“ folder somewhere (I have 3 sub folders in there)
  • Filtering is bleeding fast in SharpReader
  • No fancy-shmancy nice GUI stuff. Just pure information (sort of like Total Commander)
  • I can view a large amount of information at the same time, in a hierarchical manner.
    •  In outlook, I have much less screen space (feature request for outlook - “Full screen“ mode!) to view all the folders/feeds.
  • the awesome “aggregate links“ for each post feature (which I'm not sure how it works)
  • It's simple to use!

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