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The Regex Challenge: Blogn' my way to the PDC

blogging my way to pdc
Here's my official Blogn' for the PDC entry. I've tried to make it...different.
"I tried to come up with something innovative and fun to deliver my message. Something that I like doing and that I think other people might find intriguing. I didn't want to simply write stuff down and be like all the rest of the other blog entries. After all, creativity points matter. So , consider this creativity not just for creativity's sake, but also as a way to discover a world of powerful techniques to manipulate text.
I'm speaking, of course, about Regular Expressions. "
Read the rest and accept the Regex Challenge.

Annoying problem (+Solution) of the week: "One or more projects in Solution X needs to be updated to use Crystal Reports 10."

Blog'n your way to the PDC - A reality in the works