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Peter and Douglas do it right (PDC Blogging the way I like it) and the list grows

Somehow, of all the “PDC Bloggers” out there in the wild, I heard almost nothing but fires, planes, wireless connections and “This is how I look” posts... except for Peter and Douglas (I'm talking only about PDC content here, there are other great blogs, but not from the PDC itself).

In  1-2 posts they've managed to squeeze in more information than the 250+ blogs I have in SharpReader (leaving aside minutia such as the PDC community application which was blogged about somewhere ) . I recommend dropping the main feed for a while, at least until it stops being a dating message board,and concentrate on finding the feeds that actually say something meaningful.

So, for now, Start with Peter and Douglas. Hopefully, others will join soon.


Benjamin is added to the list too.

Drew is also added.

Update 2:

I've removed what I wrote about LonghornBlogs because it will only start to be relevant tomorrow. Please Accept my apologies for that. I guess I want content a bit *too much*.

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