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FeedBurner? I like it.

[Update: of course one small caveat is that the refresh rate of the feed is taking a bit. THis post hasn't yet been downloaded using the new feed although is was written about 4 minutes ago. Maybe I'm just impetiant that way huh?]
FeedBurner seems nice. I've learned about it through BLTS blog.
They basically take your RSS feed and add layers on top of it to provide some pretty cool services:
  • Formatting the feed to accommodate lots of newsreaders who should know better
  • Automatically transform Amazon links in the post into an Amazon Referrer ID link (Let's give this book a try shall we? Coder To Developer by Mike Gunderloy is a great book)
  • beautify and reformat the raw XML feed into browser friendly human readable format with a customizable explanation of what this feed is.
  • Read stats
  • some more cool stuff....
And it appears free too! so - try this feed on for size. tell me if you like it:
One important thing I can think of that this service can enable is “follow-me“ subscriptions, in that even if you change blogs of more to different url's people can still subscribe to the same feed, and all the author has to do is change the feed source in the FeedBurner properties page. nice.

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