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Open for work during September(L.A or Bellevue)

It looks like I'll be attending the MVP summit this September, and I'll be looking to do a small time gig (speaking, training, consulting, development) during the week after that, in the hope of making it profitable enough for me to justify my going to the PDC (a week and a half beforethe MVP summit).
So, if you by any chance know of a place where my skills will be appreciated (and paid for) during that week, either in L.A or near Bellevue (near the MS Campus) drop me a line. I'd also be happy to share a "finder's fee" if that's your usual method of work.
Possible work might include:
  • Speaking: Agile development, unit testing best practices, regular expressions, deep .NET, architecture
  • Training: 1-3 days agile workshops: Test Driven development in .NET, Java, C++ or VB, 1 – 2 day .NET 2.0 training, vs 2005 training
  • Consulting on all of the above topics
  • Development in .NET (either on laptop or at client site)
  • Writing: articles, white papers,specs, design docs..
  • Speaking at user groups (for free is a possibility if I'm able to find an income for the rest of the time)
If any of these sounds interesting to you or someone you might know, you know what to do :)
Possible dates:
   all week of Sep. 19th, or Monday sep. 26th.
For more information about me and my company, feel free to drop by the Team Agile website, or download my CV.

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