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[OT] If you can't stand the heat, take your ThinkPad out of the oven

It might be a well designed commercial for an IBM ThinkPad, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
This is one of the reasons I got a ThinkPad: (Translated and paraphrased from Hebrew, but Nice picture int he article)
"Michal Feldman and Dr. Mati Ziv tried to hide their laptop which contains highly sensitive (and not backed up) medical information from intruders by placing it in the baking oven.. later they realized the mistake after the computer has been baked in a 220 Cel. heat. Surprisingly other than some melting on the outer rim, the computer keep working perfectly (though the CD door was melted shut)"
So you can learn a few lessons:
  • Do *NOT* go for a checkup at Dr. Mati Ziv, based o how he treats sensitive data (no backup?, on a personal computer? at home?)
  • If you're going to put a laptop in the oven, might as well be an IBM one.

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