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[Audio Recording] Juval Lowy on Project Planning and Tracking

Juval was invited to speak to in Israel in front of a group of .NET related folks. Juval's visit was sponsored by Gadi Meir, of Idag Israel. Juval spent 2 hours talking about something he usually does not address in public conferences and such, not even in his books - the issues of software development process and project management. In these two hours he presents his vision and way of work in projects he managed (when he had both an architect and a project lead role) and the things he believes bring on the best result. The outcome is "Staged Delivery" which he outlines in broad strokes, yet specific enough to gain some good understanding of the concepts behind it.

Some of the issues addressed include: Staffing, the product life cycle, component integration plan and the component life cycle, component testing, Estimation and estimation tools, Earned Value tracking and more. The talk ends 5 minutes prematurely due to technical difficulties, but let me assure you that you don't miss anything terribly important (no "surprise ending" :) )

Download in available in two parts, one hour each, in MP3 format, for your car listening pleasure.. Unfortunately slides were not available for this talk. For the slides, and a full talk on this subject you'll have to attend Juval's Master class (which I can attest is pretty deep..)

Go download.

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