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I have a dream: Geek Go-Karting in Israel

Here's a thought. Instead of doing a geek dinner, how about a Geek Go Karting League??
you need at least 8 people to join in, but we can meet bi-monthly and rip the runways (probably in Natanya, or other places if you want).
So - if
- you're a geek living in Israel
- would like nothing better than to make all the other geeks eat your smoke
- Want a geeky prize if you're the winner in that tournament (I have plenty to share!)
Send an email to Karting At Osherove.Com with the following details:
 - Your full name
- Phone number (hopefully Mobile)
- What Day you'd like to go: Tuesday or Thursday
- Assuming the cost is around 170 NIS per person, would you do it on a bi-monthly basis, or every 3 months?
- Assuming the cost is FREE, would you attend? (every 2 months, or every 3?)
Let's see if we can get this thing off the ground!
just some thoughts:
we can make this an international event as well: have a site with top scorers, and once a year, at some conference, have a go kart race between top scorers from countries.
Maybe Microsoft will be willing to pick up the tab for something like this... No they wont..

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