I'm happy to announce that draft of chapter 1 from my upcoming book "The Art of Unit Testing" is available for download immediately - click here for the PDF. the book will also be available to download from Manning's home page.

Chapter summary:

Chapter 1 tries to give a better definition of what a unit test is, by first trying to understand what isn't a unit test (integration tests are often mistaken for unit tests). It also covers the basics of what makes a good unit test instead of just saying what any unit test might be. It also covers what unit test frameworks are, how they got started and what Test Driven Development is.

Book Site:

I'm also announcing the book site: http://the.artofunittesting.com/

During the writing of this book, I'll make more chapters available, though not all of them, for understandable reasons. You'll be able to read rough drafts of all chapters if you subscribe to manning's early access program, I'll let you know when my book is available there.

Your feedback is appreciated:

I welcome critics, comments, fixes, praise, incoming links and anything else you'd want to write to me about this chapter or the book site. Write an email to Comments@ArtOfUnitTesting.com .

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