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MSDN Premium auction for Africa

If you're an MVP who got the "MSDN Card Giveaway" thing early this year but had no idea how to give it out, Jamie Cansdale has a great idea that might actually help people who really could use some help.

"I'm thinking of organizing an auction along the same lines as the one Julia Lerman did for Banda Aceh. My father is currently involved in the setting up a pump workshop in Malawi. The pumps they will be manufacturing are made from ABS plastic and are virtually indestructible. The only perishable part is a rubber valve which commonly lasts for 3 years and a replacement can be cut from an old tire. The focus is very much on appropriate technology.

The workshop will bring work to the local community and clean water to villages all over Malawi. The founder of the charity that is setting up the workshop has agreed to pay all administrative overheads (air fairs, travel etc) so that any money donated goes directly to the workshop and the manufacture of pumps. You can find more information about the charity here."


Great idea.

I'm in!

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