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Neglecting Israeli MVPS, and INETA MEA is worthless

Israeli MVPs are being neglected

If you're a Microsoft MVP, and are not from the United States, you probably have your own MVP Lead in your country, taking care of business.

Israel had one until a couple months ago or so. then that job vanished. I'm not sure why, but Israel MVPs have been getting the short end of the stick in this regard - we're getting a "regional lead" not from Israel that is responsible for us. This is supposed to be a "temporary" thing until they find a good replacement, but it definitely does not feel temporary, and, knowing the souls involved I wouldn't be surprised if this thing will ever change now that it's set in motion.

I even offered up myself as the Israeli MVP lead. You need passion to do this, and knowing the community, and understanding the folks. And frankly, having someone who's doing they're job in a half-assed manner, as part of 10 other things they have to do, and when they look at this job as nothing more than a stepping stone to use on their way up (we've never had an MVP lead for over a year or a little more than that as far as I know) - things degrade fast.

Out last lead was wonderful - but then she left for a better job at Microsoft England. Seems like noone wants to take her place here at microsoft Israel, which tells you exactly what MVPs mean here for MS Israel employees (I know only a handful of people at MS Israel that know the true meaning of MVP - and they are not the ones calling the shots on this I think).

So - here's a call to microsoft - step up and give us a lead, or make us a lead. But don't just think you can ignore this and think it will go away. I won't let it.


Why INETA Middle East is worthless

On a similar note - INTEA middle east is one of the most un-influential organizations I've ever seen. I've been offering myself up as an INETA speaker for more than a couple of years now, and have even been accepted, but nothing happens in that regard. either there is no budget, or there are other things in play, but INETA MEA is nothing like INETA US.

And why on earth can I be a speaker on INETA US, or even INETA Europe? It seems like INETA is missing out on lots of opportunities here for great community, simply because of lack of proper management of resources and personnel.

In short - Microsoft does community well in the US and Europe. It sucks doing community here in the Middle east. Hope the point is taken.

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