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MVPs Week - Full week of hardcore training from Experts4D

Great news for the Israeli Dev Crowd!

I've known Ohad Israeli for more than a couple of years now - we met when I worked at Magen as a consultant. He's a great guy with great knowledge and abilities. Now Ohad is partner with Eyal Vardi, another talented individual, and together they created - their own consulting gig here in Israel.

Their first step - MVP Week. What a great idea! This feels like something that should happen once or twice a year (which Ohad promises to try and do). They get MVPs from various areas to talk about the subjects they know best about. That's some of the best training you can buy, I'd say.

One of the people talking there is Justin Angel,  a new MVP with great passion and knowledge. If you want to see him in action, check out his talk on SQL 2005 at the upcoming SQL Users \group here in Israel.

I'm still hoping I can give a day there, but there are various "political" issues that need to be dealt with before that's going to happen, unfortunately. I'll let you know.

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