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I'm looking for a great tester to work with me

I'm looking for great people to help me drive the Team System Field which I am running through Sela. The first thing we need is someone who can become our Testing with Team System Guru. More jobs will come later.

Hardcore testing, web testing and load testing with Team System

You don't need previous team system knowledge, just previous testing knowledge and the urge to learn cool new powerful things.

You live in Israel and can work in Ramat Gan (where Sela is located).

You like to be at the top of what you do. You're not scared of working on the bleeding edge. You read blogs about Testing. You have at least one book about testing at home.

You've done automated Testing before and you know your way around other automated tools. Now's your chance to learn and master the Team System Testing tools suite. You'll be the guru we'll turn to when we need something done, or something created to make some bizarre test condition work. 

You'll be consulting to clients, creating materials, maybe even blogging about it if you want to. You'll do proof of concepts for hard testing challenges, lots of research on the latest materials and overall have a great deal of fun going deep into team system testing features.

You know how to program with .NET (2.0) and you're not afraid of learning on your own, or even creating short courses on the subject. We may need you to do some public speaking - so if you want to - that's a big plus. Not a must.

if you're interested you can send me an email with your CV to with the subject [Tester Job].

This position can be full or half time (full time preferred) - we only need 1 person for this job.

Solving "An error occurred while enlisting in a distributed transaction" error when using Rollback Attribute or COM+ in unit tests

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