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New Job - Looking for New People!

It's been a while since I last wrote, but things are a bit.. hectic.

Itamar (our new child!) is amazingly beautiful, but I don't recall ever being as tired as I am these days. waiting for the 3 months mark :)


In any case, For the past few months I've started leading the Team System and Agile Development Fields at the Sela Group here in Israel. If you don't know it or you *think* you know it, here's a little run down of what Sela Does:

  • Consulting, Coaching and outsourcing technical knowledge
  • Training, Training, Training (From C++ to .NET 3.0 to AutoCad)

The fields I will be leading will be spread on these two areas. That also means any courses I will be doing will probably be going through Sela as well (though will continue to exist - most of the materials will be going through Sela)

First, I'm looking for someone to enter into the Agile Field with us at Sela.

  • I'm looking for a TDD Trainer /coach (lots of experience in one of these: Java, C++ or .NET ). You don't need to be a TDD expert - just want to learn it and teach it. I'll teach you all you need to know about TDD (If you don't know what TDD is , this ad is probably not for you)
  • I'm looking for an Agile Coach - someone who knows Scrum or XP and has had experiences implementing it in at least one company (the more the better).

If you're interested in any of this, feel free to email me at

Royo @

As for Team System we have just about enough people right now, but it looks like we'll be hiring soon, so I'll post on here when that comes up.

With Team System I've divided the work required into three types of work:

  • Methodology - decide *how* you want to work and what you want to "fix" by moving to Team System
  • Architecture - Implement Team System 9installation, configuration, Source control, Build and the whole lifecycle working out of the box)
  • Customization - Add stuff that's missing for you in team system, change stuff that needs changing (like adding whole new fields into work items or reports) or create your own full blown methodology to be implemented by the team system tools.

We have people specifically trained for each of these purposes who can work at the client's site 1-2 days a week for several months or permanently, to make sure stuff goes smoothly and to answer any requirement.

In many cases I've found that the role of the Team System implementer that we send is really the "Configuration Manager" role, doing nightly builds on continuous integration, source control branching and strategies etc.. Pretty interesting stuff!

If you're interested in any of this, feel free to email me at

Royo @

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