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Agile Development Sessions - Slides and Demos from TechEd

Update: here's a video that yosi made of my draft song before the preconference... Que sera sera...

Yesterday was a full day of pre-conference goodness.

I've had a blast doing 4 sessions dealing with Agile Development within a team system Environment.

As a special treat I've also brought in my Acoustic guitar which I had hooked up to an amp , and after each session, I sang a little "cover" song about the last session's topic.

So I have 4 songs: Agile Development, TDD, Continuous Integration and Scrum. I was really concentrated in the song, but I do remember a million flashes from cameras the moment I sat down with my guitar - it was fun! I felt like Madonna :)

Anyways - I promised and I'm keeping my promise from the sessions. Here are the materials from that preconference:

  • Slides for all four preconf sessions can be found here.
  • Demos for the Continuous Integration talk (including the registration tool for event notifications I demonstrated) can be found here.
  • TeamSub:  I made a separate download of TeamSub - A tool I created by extending an existing tool (I cannot remember the source of it, sorry!). It allows easily registering web services for event notifications without needing to use a command line.  (if you download the VSTS-Demos, it's already in there included)


If you attended my sessions - hope you had fun! If you have pictures of me playing, I'd love for you to email them to me to RoyOsherove At GMail.Com !

I'm doing a few more sessions (Agile development Intro and Continuous Integration with Team System) and I'm planning on having a little song at the end of both. This time the crowd will be bigger - but that's part of the fun :)


Update - wish I knew what this post is saying...

Update: here's a flickr image sent in by aali:

SQL Refactor looks cool

Project Server Connector for Team System RTM announced