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Video: Implementing Continuous Integration: With and Without Team System

Paul just alerted me to the fact that my TechEd Europe presentation on Continuous Integration with and without Team System is now available online at MSDN Showtime.


Implementing Continuous Integration: With and Without Team System

In this session we'll dive into a world where the system is built and run on a daily basis, and even on an hourly basis. We'll discuss Tools and Libraries that help you get there with VS 2003, 2005 and Team System. Even with Express tools - it's all possible, and more easyeasier than you think. (more info here)

Here's where you can see a preview and the full talk (You may need to login with your windows live ID, which is why I put the second link after this one)

Here's the direct URL to see the (high definition) video without registration


Related Downloads:

  • Demos for the Continuous Integration talk (including the registration tool for event notifications I demonstrated) can be found here.
  • TeamSub:  I made a separate download of TeamSub - A tool I created by extending an existing tool (I cannot remember the source of it, sorry!). It allows easily registering web services for event notifications without needing to use a command line.  (if you download the VSTS-Demos, it's already in there included)
  • Notification Web Service templates can be found here.
  • Continuous Integration web service  - the CI.MSI setup file can be found here.


    Some points you'll see in the talk:

    • When I show the first automated build, I miconfigure it. Then I get in trouble when I want to change the build configuration easily. Instead, I choose to create a whole new build type because it would be faster. Today I would have solved it with this free addin by Attrice. More info here.
    • I'm using Zoomit to zoom into the slides and demos I'm showing. A very handy tool. Though I did find that for the people sitting close to the screen, too much zooming may cause sea sickness... sorry :)
    • I talk about how the MSBuild team used Test Driven Development to create MSBuild. Here's an audio interview I did with Kieran Mockford, a PM on that team about that subject.
    • They cut my song from the end! How uncool is that? :(

    It's always a bit funny to see yourself on a talk using video. I always see many flaws in myself. I'm pretty sure I'm a little cross-eyed on that video, actually. And I look way too much at my slide for help. I couldn't bear to watch it all...




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