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BSDAgile - Team System Project Template for Extreme Programming

Now, how come I didn't notice this one before?

BSDAgile - BSDAgile is a Methodology Template for Visual Studio Team System (VSTS). It is intended to provide an ultra-lightweight process for people building software in small teams using VSTS. It promotes the idea of starting with a very simple process and then adding complexity as it’s needed. People who are doing Extreme Programming may find this a better starting point than MSF Agile.


What's important to note here is the list of the members on this project. I recognize at least two of them as leaders in the Agile field which I highly respect:

Jim is one of the original authors of NUnit, and works at Microsoft's P&P CodePlex team these days.

This is one the folks behind the MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) Ethnology and MSF Agile In particular, which is one of the "out of the box" methodologies in VSTS. I did a very interesting interview with Randy a while back, which you can still listen to. See here for details.

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