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KeePass + FolderShare = Store your passwords securely and share them at the same time

I've been using KeePass for the past month or so and I love it.
It stored all my passwords in encrypted form and I use FolderShare to automatically synchronize my passwords with all my machines. I only need to remember one unique password - the one to open KeePass. the rest is inside.
It's got security features as far as the eye can see. Here are some:
  • For full security information read this page.
  • Password are saved in memory in encrypted form. you can make it "copy" a password and once, pasted, it automatically deletes it from memory (you need to copy it again).
  • The application can be automatically locked when minimized or after an amount of time
  • It can use a Disk-based key file for extra security - meaning you can only unlock it if you have the physical USB key with you connected to the machine.
  • It helps you generate good passwords with nice "randomizer" screens to customize the output.
  • You can make passwords expire after a certain period
  • etc..
It's free, and open source. Oh, and it's a nice UI too!

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