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Simeon says I don't listen to what my interviewee has to say. Is he right?

Simeon has some harsh bits to say about my interview style with Kent Beck.
"...The best example is when Kent had to answer "Moo" due to the question been overly complex and not making sense.
Another example was when Roy was asking Kent about how to deal with people not following the XP rules, and Kent reply that people follow the rules due to belief in the system not been told to do it. Roy just didn’t seam to comprehend what Kent was saying, and kept asking the same concept in different forms. I felt frustrated on Kent’s behalf...."
At least he's honest :)
I'll definitely take that into account in the next interviews, and see if I can locate the place where my listening stops. The purpose of the interview was specifically to conduct it as a conversation rather than an interview, but I'm not sure it turned out that way.
Feel free to post your own comments on the that interview, or my interview style in particular. I hope to learn more as I go on doing these things!

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