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ASP.NET Team in Israel, Teched Israel sessions, and is an evangelist "marketing"?

"At one point someone said that "Yosi Taguri might have been a technical person BUT now he is MARKETING"  at some other point someone else said "Because he is MARKETING he no longer blogs".

so this post is just to say 1 main thing: I AM NOT MARKETING and I will never be."

[Yosi Taguri talks about his focus group experiences]

Yosi may not feel like he's marketing, but I think no matter how technical he is, his job is Marketing. I wouldn't take it too personally though. That's just the way it is. you're either a dev or PM, or you're pushing the products one way or the other. Or am I being too "black or white" on this issue?

Yosi also has some good news - The ASP.NET team is coming to Israel March 13, and they will also host an "upgrade your code" day with the ASP.NET for customers here in Israel. Sounds like a plan!

Lastly, Yosi asks what sessions you'd like to see at TechEd Israel this year. I'd recommend putting your comments on that post.

"But Roy, why so many links to Yosi suddenly?"

The dude hasn't blogged in a while, and if he's asking for feedback, it's an opportunity to actually use the medium to help mold things to your liking. Take it.

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