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Google upgrades to "BigDaddy"

Weird headline, huh?
Google is doing a major upgrade to their search data centers. during this upgrade, you can check out how the new data center acts and behaves (code named "BigDaddy") through several IP addresses.In addition to and, BigDaddy is now up at
How do I know if the version of Google is using "BigDaddy"?
A: There’s not a definitive way outside of Google. But the [sf giants] example Here remains a pretty good test. If the query [sf giants] returns, the odds are pretty good that you’re hitting BigDaddy.
[More info on this in Matt Cutts' blog.]
PS (unrelated funny tidbit)
This "soldiers taking drugs" experiment certainly looks like a Monty python sketch.  (via Google scoped blog)
Or, if you're in a *really* good mood, go see "BrokeBack to the Future"(same source)

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