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Yes, it's shameless. No, it's not as bad as you think.
I'm looking to upgrade my cell phone, so it's time to open the floor to advertisers on this blog for a limited amount of time. If you have a cool product or service that you think might be interesting to the readers of this blog, and I like your product, you can be featured on the top left side of this blog by tomorrow.
This blog gets 2500 unique hits a day on average, so I'm thinking targeted advertising should be very interesting for you. Of course, all the rules apply: I won't promote anything which I think is not worthy, and I get to be picky about what I stand behind.
Possible stuff: Developer tools, components, libraries and Addins, developer sites and anything in between that might interest us geeks.
It's about creating a win-win situation: people get to find out about a good product, they sell more, and I make some Paypal cash to get me a new phone.
Free market.
Contact me for details at Roy at

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