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Can you recommend a good Exchange Hosting service?

It's time for me to upgrade my email hosting. Right now I have an Exchange server running at home which I configured myself (with lots of problems, I might add - I'm not a great exchange admin). Now that I have my new mobile what I *really* need is outlook web access, but that seems to be beyond my mental abilities after looking at the docs.
SO, I'm looking for an exchange hosting solution, preferably for 2 or more mailboxes, but for now I can just deal with one mailbox that all my other domains will point to.
My requirements are:
  • Allows outlook web access and mobile access
  • Hopefully payable with PayPal but credit card will do if no other option
  • Cheap
  • Reliable
  • Easy to setup (I use ZoneEdit to manage my domains so my list of TODO should be nothing more that setting my mail to the new IP over there)
Do you know an exchange hosting company that you trust? that you can recommend? A friend suggested these guys:, but I'd like a second opinion.
Are there any specific gotchas I should look out for when doing something like this? What's the "normal" asking price for such a service?
Your feedback is appreciated.

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