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Persistore - Interesting attempt at a .NET Persistence Engine? You decide.

Just got this email from Hugh Moran of MoranTex about a new beat of a product they are testing out to help with persisting things and getting them out (think NHibernate) only this technology is based on Memory Mapped files. Interesting though I seem to recall a discussion about MMFs sometime ago where some problems occurred.
In any case, I'm no expert on this issue, but I'm sure some of you are. So here's your chance to help "make or break" a product : - by checking it out, leaving comments etc..
My first comment would be:
 - If you want feedback, provide samples. And the "samples" page on the site isn't that helpful with a nice "under construction" sign on it.
- Don't make me Login just so I can download a demo of something you'd like to sell me
Here's the email excerpt:
"My company very recently released the first beta preview of a new data/object persistence technology based on memory mapped files.
The technology has proven itself so far (it serves as the data repository for the company website) and we are getting feedback; however I really want to increase the number of technical 'experts' reviewing this product.
If some mention of Persistore could be made on your blog, it would help a great deal by possibly attracting more technically savvy deveopers and allow Morantex to more rapidly define the feature set for the next beta.
The technology incorporates some very sophisticated features (including support for the very large address space on x64 Windows) and some detail may be found in the PDF brochure at the bottom of this page:

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