• Over 700 downloads in the past 7 days since the announcement.
  • Over 250 Unit Tests that run in under 3 seconds together(not for the UI, but for all the logic)
  • Next iteration release: August 10th.
  • 1 major bug - reported using FogBugz on myFogbugz server.
  • 1 major crash - Reported by {SmartAssembly}'s Exception handler and uploaded with stack traces and all the goo onto where I can use it and find out the problem.
  • 4 feature requests - reported by email (you can use my fogbugz to do that as well)
  • The fun of writing the whole thing in a test driven manner - priceless. Especially now when I need to fix some really internal stuff.


I got several questions on how I created this animated gif. I used Camtasia Recorder and Studio to record and export as gif (but it also supports flash, avi and more..). Very cool software. 


Oren is grokking Test Driven Development

Microsoft Acquires Winternals (a.k.a SysInternals) Software