The monthly iteration release of Regulazy is up over here.

Short Regulazy Sample

Regulazy is a visual Regex Creation tool for beginners.

It contains an easy "point and click" user interface, and allows creating regular expressions for simple searches almost instantly without requiring Regex syntax knowledge from the end user!

What's New

Version 1.03 - 9/10/06

  • Fixed Some bugs relating to creating encapsulating scopes from existing ones
  • Fixed exception when trying to set existing scope as new scope
  • Fixed tooltip will now show only first 100 chars of rule if rule is too long
  • Added: Automatic Scope creation Button for known patterns in Text. When you load a piece of text for the first time. Regulazy will automatically highlight parts of the text it can recognize as common patterns based on patterns in the file Auto.Rules in the application directory. This should save plenty of time for initial work.
  • Added: Automatic scopes are performed on a background thread.
  • Added many rules to the auto.rules file
  • Enhanced speed of drawing symbols on screen and other features
  • Added: Suggestion process is run on a background thread.
  • Added: Import sample from a web page Dialog: Menu Import-Web Page
    • 1: (partially works) Select redered page text and get the underlying HTML
    • 2. or select parts of the actual Page HTML (always works)
  • Added: Moving between Regex and Text Edit mode without changing the text - text scopes are remembered

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