There's a new monthly version (1.02) out of Regulazy. You can grab it over here. (if the link is broken try

Regulazy is a visual Regex Creation tool for beginners.

Short Regulazy Sample

It contains an easy "point and click" user interface, and allows creating regular expressions for simple searches almost instantly without requiring Regex syntax knowledge from the end user!


What's New?

Version 1.02 10/9/06

  • Added ability to rename the parent scope of the selected scope (A parent scope is always filled up with child scopes so it's impossible to select it by itself)
  • Added highlighting of text parts when hovering on context menu item, so you can see what text your action will take place on
  • Added ability to create a large scope out of multiple selected smaller text scopes and rename it
  • Fixed Spelling of "Multiline" in regex options
  • Added more date recognition patterns to custom.rules - Early adopters welcome

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