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ISerializable mentioned on HanselMinutes

Congratulations to HanselMinutes on 25 shows filled to the brim with excellent content, highly geeky, technical and, yes, not wasting my time! I only wish the show was 1 hour instead of 30 minutes, so that it would fit better with my nightly walks.. 

With the latest show I was in for a little surprise. Scott lists his essential blogs to subscribe to, and my blog is one of those 20+ blogs that Scott Mentions. That's pretty cool, in my book :) He also mentions my latest tools portal, The Regulator and Regulazy.

Small thing though: Scott mentions that I'm known mostly for my Regular Expression work, which made me wonder just how many people are paying attention more to my posts about Agile Development and Unit Testing, and how many are only here for The Regulator and Regulazy..?

I dabble in many areas. I like to call myself a generalist, in that I focus on many areas, but someone mentioned to me that I still take the time to make myself some sort of an "expert" in some of them, which is a good place to be.

Willingly or not, I find myself in that place where the two areas I'm currently noted for are Regex and Agile Development. I think it's time also start focusing more on .NET Architecture. Surprisingly, half of my day job is all about consulting to companies about their architecture and best practices.

But now I'm just rambling. Thanks for the mention Scott! Your blog is on my top 2 list :) 




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