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Setting up a technical blog online - some options

In the last few weeks I've been asked by several would-be bloggers here in Israel how they can start their own blog. Should they use custom blog software? what sites can they register to, how one goes about registering etc..

There are several blogging sites out there for technical bloggers, especially if you're from the Microsoft world that I know of.

Unfortunately, isn't one of them (at least for now). is invite-only but there are others who are open for business:

  • If you're in Israel, You can start a blog at  - where both Hebrew and English are supported (Hebrew skins have full right-to-left support) send me an email through the contact link on my blog and I'll hook you up with Yosi Taguri, who runs the show there
  • You can go register at the all new .NET blogging community site: 
  • You can also check out GeeksWithBlogs
  • .NETJunkies - and oldie but a goodie. There was some talk a while ago how the site is falling apart - I'm not sure what's the case now - seems to be working fine..
  • Do you know of other good technical blogging sites one can register to?

If you're going the "custom blog" route - you can check out these packages that are widely used, which you'll need to install and configure manually on your own server somewhere:

  • Community Server is free for non commercial use (is what runs on)
  • DasBlog is a wonderful free open source blogging platform that just came out with a new version the other day .It's purely file-based and does not require a database as far as I know.
  • SubText is a branch-out of .TEXT (which is now called Community Server) - back when it was much smaller and dealt with only blogging. main features: dead simple to setup and use - no hassles blogging engine.   Also free and I think is open source to.
  • WordPress is a free blogging platform that runs on PHP and MySQL (all the rest mentioned here are ASP.NET/SQL Server except DasBlog which is DB-less)
  • You can also purchase a blogging engine - but I'm not too familiar with many options here which are very good.
  • Can you recommend other blogging engines one can install?
  • Update: There's also ThinkJot : based on DasBlog and ASP.NET 2.0, free and open source.

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