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Five things you didn't know about me

I've been tagged, so I'll use this as a good chance to talk about my favorite subject - me!

Five things you didn't know about me:

1. I used to be a wave surfer between the ages of 12-18, with long hair that was brightened by the sun (4-8 hours a day at sea in summers!), thin (seriously!), and used to smoke. Of course, I've given wave surfing up for web surfing and smoking for eating, which made giving up "thin" rather easy..

2. at 21, when I was done with military duty, I did many odd jobs - security officer at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Electrics sales person, computer shop sales, then manager, then head of customer care, even car-wash boy at some point in time. there were a couple of months I worked as an insurance claim investigator (what  a terrible job!), and another where I was selling teen magazines in schools. I'd like to think all these jobs gave me a nice perspective on things I do today, and for life experience in general.

3. Although my English may sound native, I've never spent more than a few weeks in English speaking countries (2 months at Norway don't count either). All my English speaking skills come from watching huge amounts of TV since I was a child. I'm quite a movie and video buff too, in fact.

4. I love a good horror movie, especially the mindless kind (as in "re-animator", "hell raiser" etc..

5. I started writing this blog when I was at a job that I really hated. You should give it a try!

Tag, You're it: Jamie Cansdale, Mike Gunderloy, Hanselman, Yosi Taguri!

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