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Baby Osherove - Born 28-12-06

 It's been an amazing last week here for my little family. We could not have gotten a better present for the new year.

My wife and I welcomed a new member to our family, who is not named yet. He weighs 4 Kg. :)

 We've been in the hospital for a week trying to get his newborn hepatitis down to a normal level. Today it came down and we should be leaving the hospital tomorrow (it sure helped that both of my Wife's parents are doctors at that same hospital!)

Both mother and son are exhausted but very very happy with each other:



here's a video with highlights from the birth (nothing gory or exposed!) I made with Photo Story 3.0 :

I should be getting up to speed in the next few weeks on my work and emails and blogs and such.

As I say in many of my Agile talks:

"One thing is for sure: Things are going to change."

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