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Cool Online Backup Service - Carbonite

Based on David Platt's talk "Why Software Sucks" (Which was easily one of the best and funniest at TechEd Barcelona this year), I went ahead and registered 3 of my home machines to the online backup service called Carbonite (If you use this link to sign up I get free months on my subscription - FYI) .

so far I find it very simple to use and a true no brainer. Just like backup should be. (Here's a longer review)

It has unlimited storage size and you just right click on a folder or file and say "backup this". it all happens in the background and invisibly. The only thing I'd change is that when backing up my photos and videos on my media center machine, I need to specifically say for each folder to also backup videos, which, I'd except to be able to do by default (though I see the point of lots of people accidentally backing up huge videos by mistake) .

restore is also a breeze and I really needed a way to have simple easy backup for my machines. at 50$ a year per machine this is rather a good deal, especially for the removal of hassle involved.


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