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Fix: PowerPoint 2007 Very Slow Text Editing

imageI was cursing at my Powerpoint 2007 the past few days, wondering if I should just go back to Office 200.

Text editing in Powerpoint was dog slow and I was cursing every word I was writing in there. It was a big problem.

Then I found this helpful page  which essentially says that any problems related to slow text editing are probably due to a bad printer driver or an old installation of the printer driver.


Solution: Make sure your printer driver is installed correctly

I checked my printer driver and indeed, it was not installed correctly. I quickly installed the latest version and voila - Powerpoint 2007 now works like a champ.

It seems weird and very annoying to me that PowerPoint performs slowly even if you don't fo any printing on it, just editing. Very weird, and very annoying.

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