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Key Jedi 1.03 (Renamed from ShortWatcher)

Update: Latest version van be found here.

It occurred to me that the previous name for this tool had kind of a nasty meaning for some people, and, although it may have brought me more google search links for "watching shorts", it's definitely not what I meant.

So, Here's a whole new name and version for this application, inspired by the notion of "Resharper Jedi".

Key Jedi will list keyboard shortcuts as you use them. It is a global keyboard hook that will work with ANY application you use. It might be useful for presenters and screencasts, where you want people to know what keyboard shortcuts you've been using in the application as they see it live.

The latest version has some changes:

  • Only one version of the application exists. By default it will monitor ALL applications. You can make it only watch Visual Studio by changing the config file. See BasicUsage.txt in the zip file for more info.
  • The name change, of course.


The new download is found here:


Basic Usage:

1. Double click the program exe file
2. adjust the opacity by using the slider at the bottom
3. as you click keyboard shortcuts, the last shortcut will appear at the top.

***Mouseless Mode[optional]***
4. Key Jedi can help you overcome your fear of the keyboard by disabling the mouse for the currently active application. Pressing the special "Mouseless" global key (default is ctrl-shift-alt-F12) will make sure the mouse can never leave the confines of Key Jedi window as long as the application which was selected when the key was pressed is still active.

For example:
- Open Visual Studio when Key Jedi is running. Make vs the active app.
- Press Ctrl-shift-alt-f12
- Key Jedi will tell you you are in Mouseless mode for vs.
- your mouse will be "help prisoner" in the bounds of Key Jedi.
- you will only be able to use your keyboard to operate VS. Use this mode to force yourself to learn keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse.
- If you alt-tab to a different application your mouse will be free.
- if you alt-tab back to VS, your mouse will lock again.
- press ctrl-alt-shift-f12 again to regain mouse control.

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