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Test Driven Development Public Course is open

I'm happy to announce a public course about Test Driven Development in .NET, being run by Oren Ellenbogen, a personal TDD student of mine who's become quite a master on his own when it comes to TDD and unit testing techniques. the course takes place in Israel, but let me know if you're interested in having me or Oren fly out somewhere to teach it. I like traveling :)

As part of the Sela Agile team offerings, The TDD course is 3 days long and takes place on the following dates:

  • 9.9.07 - day 1 (Unit Testing and TDD Basics with NUnit and TestDriven.NET)
  • 10.9.07 - day 2 (Mock Objects, Interaction Testing, NMock2, manual mocks and more)
  • 17.9.07 - day 3 (Testing legacy code, integration-unit testing, Fit and Fitnesse and more)

For more info and registration (this is open for all!) see the course details.

"Bring your development team up to par with some of the most productive and successful software development teams in the world. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and that BBC have already realized the potential that lies in Test Driven Development. It’s time you do the same for your team. Use TDD techniques to reduce the amount of bugs in your software, make your developers more productive and your software more stable. Learn how to use frameworks such as NUnit, NMock and Fit\Fitnesse to help write professional and quality software"

And of course, this fits right in.

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