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Video Hosting Services: How TechSmith could lose a potential customer

I'm setting up a client with some blogging abilities and screencast abilities, and I've hit a an unexpected snag: I can't find a good video hosting service. By video hosting service I mean I need:

  • Ability to save high quality video that can be watched in full screen (wmv is ideal)
  • Will not be compressed on the server
  • Will provide me with the ability to embed the video in HTML
  • The embedded video will "just work" on both IE and FireFox.
  • The embedded video will "just work" on the most popular blogging engines (Community Server, WordPress etc..)


The only thing that comes close is TechSmith's , which does all the points I mentioned except the last one:  I can't successfully embed their videos in WordPress and watch them on IE Or FireFox.  To top this off, the customer service and sales department isn't being bery attentive: a couple of emails since last week have not yet been answered, which worries me a lot..

Even more worrying: is the only place I could find which meets even half of my needs.

Does anyone know something that has the same features? Is anyone from TechSmith reading this? I love SnagIt and Camtasia, but what the hell is up with

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