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Introducing Agile Israel Community and blogs site

I'm happy to introduce the Agile Israel Community site. It has blogs, forums, files and more.

The site is located at : . It will also contain group meeting announcements, agile development news, agile conferences announcements and more. But its mostly about you. If you'd like to share your agile experiences, things you learned the hard way, resources, slides, and whatever else you'd like, you can freely open a blog there and start writing today.

If you'd like to open a blog at Agile Israel, do the following:

  • Register as a new user on this site
  • Send an email to  with
    • Your new user name
    • requested blog title and blog url (/blogs/blogurl)
    • Mention if you'd like the blog in hebrew or not (we are still working out the kinks of right-to-left stuff, but it will work for both browsers well eventually!)

You can also simply register as a new user and get write access to the forums. let me know if you're interested in managing one of the forums, or have a forum suggestion.



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