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Art Of Unit Testing – Book done, Wiki ready

image I’m happy to report that my book has finally hit the “last review” stone, which means all chapters are done and the book should be in book stores around jan-feb 2009. If you’d like to read the E-Book version right now(PDF) you can purchase that for a lower price at the manning site.

I’m also announcing a Wiki site for the book, with all the chapters listed, along with errata and your comments as time goes by. The site already contains the first paragraph of all chapters, with Chapter 1 available for free download, and the full text of the “Tools and frameworks” appendix.

Since its all in a wiki, feel free to add your own tools in there that you think would be valuable, create your own pages that talk about things you think people reading this book should read and more.

I hope the site becomes a good place for guidance for beginners and advanced in the field of unit testing (does not have to be in .NET).

Oh, and you can see the final book cover on the right.

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