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Isolator feature focus – Advanced Debugger Support for fakes

Two features that Typemock Isolator has make the debugging experience with it very different than any other isolation framework:

1) Highlight fake method during debugging


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When stepping into a method that is being faked by the test, the method will be outlined with a nice purple line around it, notifying the user that the real method will not be called, but instead will be intercepted by Typemock Isolator.

2) Fake method and property evaluation in the debugger does not break the test

With other frameworks, if, during debugging, you evaluate (even by mistake, by opening a watch window for example) the value of a fake property of a method, the isolation framework will treat this action as if it was run from production code, and so you might fail the test or cause unknown behavior from the faked methods or properties.

Isolator is smart enough to detect such actions and will do two things:

  • Return the fake value that was assigned to that method or property to see in the debugger
  • Ignore this action as if it never happened so the test can continue as is even during debugging

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