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Mock vs. MockObject + Typemock Blog: Tips, Tricks and important things to know

There is now an official Typemock blog over at (and the direct RSS feed) that will host posts from the developers of Typemock(myself included) about any of these topics:

  • Be a direct open channel to developers (other than the forums)
  • upcoming and current product news
  • explanations of various "hidden" features
  • Explaining various concepts that Typemock uses
  • Talking about various unit testing concepts

The first post if by Lior Friedman, explaining the difference between two API methods that sound a lot alike:

  1. MockManager.Mock
  2. MockManager.MockObject

The main difference in a nutshell? MockManager.Mock is for mocking Future object instances (that will be created later and maybe out of our control), while MockManager.MockObject will create an instance then and there (just like you'd do it with typemock). Read Lior's full post for a better explanation.

Yes. I realize that the naming sucks. Not for long. If you have good suggestions for renaming these methods, do me a favor and leave a comment on the new blog. We'd love to hear it.

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