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Tough Questions about unit testing - Your comments required

As part of My Book I have a chapter on the challenges of integrating unit testing practices into an organization. One of the sections deals with "Tough questions and answers". In short, what are the tough questions you will have to deal with when introducing unit testing.

here are the questions I've come across but I'd love to see if there are some that I am missing. Also, I am looking for great answers and references as responses to these questions. Your comments are appreciated:

  • 1 How much time will this add to the current process?
  • 2 Will my QA job be at risk because of this?
  • 3 How do we know this is actually working?
  • 4 How much time will this add to the current process?
  • 5 Is there proof that unit testing helps?

- any other tough questions?

- Got good answers?


I'm using a beta test of's comments INSIDE this post so please try to respond there:

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