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Two Faced Commits - how the ALT.NET Community is becoming more and more dogmatic

disclaimer: I work at Typemock.

There is a big trend I am starting to notice in the "Advanced" unit testing community. That trend feels more and more like hypocrisy. Take Daniel's post about mocking statics without Typemock. (Daniel is the creator of Moq, an open source mocking framework) Granted, it is important to know that you can always refactor things for testability, but just looks at what he writes:

"So, don't buy a product just because you're lazy and want to avoid creating a few wrapper classes and interfaces"

followed by

"Always use the simplest thing that could possibly work."

Which is it, community? The idea of being prgamatic is using the right tool for the job. if that tools makes your job easier than not using it "cause you're lazy otherwise" is plain old hypocrisy.

The same argument also holds for tools like FinalBuilder vs. Nant\MsBuild\Other XML Hell. Tools don't create problems if you use them correctly.  The community (especially the ALT.NET community) is going in a too extreme direction. so extreme that their advice are sometimes skewed too much to be considered pragmatic, sometimes falling into "dogmatic".

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