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Poll Results: Threading, Mock Frameworks and unit test frameworks

Here are the current results from the three questions I asked last week. Thanks to all those who answered. If you have not answered yet, it would be great if you took a minute to do so so we can all learn a little something.

What unit test framework do you use?

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The (not so) big surprise is the MS Test is gaining and MvUnit is still way behind on usage compared to NUnit. When MS wants something, it gets it, I guess.


What mocking framework do you use?

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Rhino Mocks is far ahead. It seems that, of the some 140 answers, almost the same amount of people don't do testing as there are those that use Moq, with Typemock Isolator, the only Commercial product in the bunch, coming in 3rd (not counting "none" obviously).  It sure is gaining, though. I would have expected more people to be using hand-made mocks and stubs, as that is a very simple way to get started, but that may be a sign that a lot of people may be abusing their mocking framework when they could be having much simpler tests.



What threading features do you use?

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OK. 550 answer this so far. Far too many people are using Thread.Sleep which may not be the best course of action in many places. We will be using this in our upcoming Typemock Racer to decide which features to support at what order (since we are working incrementally with two week iterations).

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