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ALT.NET Israel - August 7th-8th 2008

I'm really happy to announce that we are going to have a small (30-70 people) ALT.NET Open Space event in Israel. The full details can be seen on Ken Egozi's blog. Ken is the one who drove Oren and myself into finally getting off our big butts and do this, but he's the one who find the nice location (SQLink offices) and we have Typemock to sponsor food and drinks for the conference.

Registration is not open yet. once the site is ready I will announce it. it is free on a first come first served basis and once we have all the spots filled up you will be put in a waiting list. It will take place on August 7-8 (3 weeks from now!) in Ramat Gan.

In the tradition of open spaces, the first half day (we meet in the evening of thursday) will be devoted to coming up with an agenda for the next day. the next (full day) will be totally run by the attendees. Should be lots of fun!

ALT.NET Israel registration is open

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